Test the effects of indoor weathering using our state of the art laboratory equipment, capable of meeting all weathering needs.Fading of interior furnishings is often attributed to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun passing through windows onto interior surfaces. However, UV is not the only portion of the solar spectrum which can damage artwork or furnishings inside buildings. Virtually the whole spectrum is of concern, which is why long term exposure to solar radiation should be limited. Fading can also occur due to exposure on artificial interior light sources such as fluorescent, incandescent and flood lights.

Solar Light Company offers a range of Testing Services for Spectral Transmission of Materials. Testing for UVA, UVB, UVA+B and Visible ranges are offered. Ranges from 280-400nm are scanned at 2nm intervals, 250-1100nm at 5nm intervals. Sunlight applications from 280-1100nm are scanned at 10nm intervals.


Test your different textiles for color fastness and degradation to indoor exposure. Many textiles will fade rapidly under sunlight. Performing an environmental test will show how much your textiles are fading or degrading and allow you to determine if you need to use another textile or add more UV inhibitor to your dyes.

Paints & Coatings:

We can expose your paints and coatings for color fastness testing and accelerated life testing to long term radiation exposure. Find out if the paint you are using or manufacturing will withstand years worth of solar weathering. All testing of paints and coatings follow ASTM standard G155 or G154.


Test plastics, vinyl’s, polyethylene and other synthetic type materials for degradation and color fastness. Our plastics testing equipment follows ASTM standards. Have your plastics put through an indoor environmental weathering test and view the level of degradation of many years of sunlight in only a few days.

Paper products:

Many packages and labels fade after a short period of being exposed to light this is because of a lack of UV inhibitor used in the ink. We can perform fade resistance tests that will show whether or not your material will fade and how long it will take. Accelerated color fastness testing can be performed on any wood pulp product like paper labels, card board packaging, wall paper, and other items.

Medical products:

Medical product packaging and plastic pouches etc which are stored on shelves, sometimes for long periods, under the influence of fluorescent indoor lights, and occasionally sunlight through windows, need to be tested for discoloration and efficacy.


Send to Solar Light

To send Materials and Equipment to Solar Light Company for Testing:

1. Complete the “Materials Testing Form” and mark box “Attn: Materials Testing Laboratory”.

2. Issue a purchase order or include payment information.

3. Provide specific shipping instructions for the return shipment and fax or e-mail P.O. / Return Form to Solar Light Company and

4. Enclosed a copy of the “Materials Testing Form” in the package with the instrument along with price quotation.

Ship prepaid via UPS or FedEx, fully insured to:

Solar Light Company, Inc.
100 East Glenside Avenue
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Tel: 215 517-8700
Fax: 215 517-8747
E-mail: info@solarlight.com

Send to: Attn: Materials Testing Laboratory


1. If the customer is from outside the United States, mark shipping documents/commercial invoice with:
“U.S.A. Goods being returned to the manufacturer for repair and re-shipment back to us.”

2. Solar Light will inspect the instruments upon received and will advise and obtain approval of testing before proceeding with the work.

3. Solar Light standard payment terms are: Payment in Advance (before shipment) either by major Credit Card with 1.5% surcharge or via bank wire transfer

Test Examples

Accelerated UV Test Examples

ADA safety flooring
Advertising placard ink process
Aircraft fuel cap
Arc lamp housing coatings
Auto headlamp coatings
Auto wear indicator label
Baseball bat coating
Cartridge fuse printing ink
Clear plastic housings
Coated galvanized roofing
Coated hydraulic lines
Coated textiles
Coatings on Inks
Colored anodize samples
Colored sand
Colored textiles
Control panel housing
Custom paint colors
Diffuse display glass
Electric power transformer cowling
Electrical cable joint materials
Emergency Lighting Lenses
Engine fuel fitting
Extruded HDPE
Extruded PVC knob
Fabric samples
Fiberglass structural cable
Filament dyed acrylic polyester
Fire extinguisher labels
Flow meter housing
Gardening material packaging
Glass block adhesive
Glass coatings
Glass – polymer adhesive
High voltage insulators
Ink on stick on labels
Lamp anodize coating @ 65°C
Logo Display Coating
Membrane switch panel
Microwave receiver housing
Molded graphite composite
Motorcycle gear anodize
Non stabilized polypropylene
Optical scanner window
Outdoor decals
Outdoor electrical connectors
Outdoor fabric
Outdoor Safety Labels
Outdoor wireless housing
PEET sample
Plastic Cap at 120°F
Plastic plant pots
Playground structure materials
Pool filter cover gasket
Potting material
Power cord and camera case
Price tag holders
Protective window film
Photographic paper protective spray
PVC handles
Reflective safety placard
Resin laminate on glass
Rubber floor tiles
Safety Label on metal casting
Safety ramp tiles
Satellite dish housing materials
Shopping cart display inks
Silicone to fabric adhesion
Silk flowers
Simulated wood laminate
Solar battery charging housing
Solar Fresnel lenses
Solar mirrors
Solenoid housing
Sprinkler cover
Sunglass frames’ adhesive
Touch screen panels
Touch screen polymer
Touch screen polymer film
TPX plastics
Urethane samples
UV stabilized PE handles
Water meter bezel
Watercraft housing
Webcam housing
Wicker outdoor furniture
Window frame and sash
Woven tent straps
Yellow ink on plastic

Accelerated Indoor Fluorescent UV Test Examples

Catheter pouch
Catheter pouch parts
Display case Polycarbonate
Fluorescent lamp housing
Fluorescent lighting cover
Medical tubes
Retail Display housing
Scented candles’ color change
Shaving razor packaging
Surgery towel packaging

UV – Visible Transmission and Reflection Test Examples

Catheter pouch UV transmission
Fluorescent emission of a label under UV
Fluorescent lamp irradiance(Several)Germicidal oral therapy lamp (Several)
Germicidal Lamp (Several)
Infant bilirubin therapy eye protection
LCD display color change transmission / exposure
Mercury Xenon Lamp
NIR Spectral transmission of Plastic filters
Performance sunglasses transmission / exposure
Safety analysis of a UV light source
Solar Admittance of a Radome panel
Solar Fresnel lens transmission / exposure
Solar liquid & tube material transmission / exposure
Spectral irradiance of Bilirubin light sourceBlack light UVA spectral irradiance
Spectral irradiance of IR lamps (Several)
Spectral irradiance of UV lamp
Spectral irradiance of UV LED
Spectral irradiance of UV resistant tubing
Spectral irradiance of UVB detector
Spectral irradiance of Vis LED headgear
Spectral transmission of Amber glass bottles
Spectral transmission of Colored fabric
Spectral transmission of Epoxy dispenser tips
Spectral transmission of Food Container
Spectral transmission of Food storage glassware
Spectral transmission of Loudspeaker fabric
Spectral transmission of PV cell panel materials
Spectral transmission of shrink wrap material
Spectral transmission of UV transmitting polymer
Spectral transmission of Zip-Lock bag material
Touch Screen Solar transmission / exposure
UV photodiode irradiance (Several)
UV reptile Lamps Irradiance (Several)

Related Services

Color Testing:

Many customers who have products tested for accelerated UV exposure also have a color test carried out before and after testing in order to get a value for the extent of the color change during the exposure. We are able to provide ΔE values as well as l*a*b and RGB alternatives. This gives a quantitative result to the exposure.


Have your samples photographed during the exposure period so that you can see the rate of change in the samples as the test progresses. You can choose the number and frequency that you would like to receive the digital images so you can evaluate the performance of your samples as the tests progress.

Transmission Testing:

Some users with semi-transparent samples, such as fabrics and some plastics, like to know if the transmission of their samples changes during and after exposure. We are able to carry out this testing and provide valuable results about the effect of UV on the transmission value.

Test Standards

Include, but are not limited to:

* ASTM G 151 – 97 “Standard Practice for Exposing nonmetallic materials in accelerated test devices that use laboratory light sources”

* ASTM G-155-05a “Standard practice for Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials”

* ASTM D 2565 – 99 “Standard practice for Xenon-Arc exposure of plastics intended for outdoor applications”

* ASTM D 4459 – 99 “Standard practice for Xenon-Arc exposure of plastics intended for indoor applications”

* ASTM D5071 – 06 “Standard Practice for Exposure of Photodegradable Plastics in a Xenon Arc Apparatus”

* ASTM D4329 – 05 “Standard Practice for Fluorescent UV Exposure of Plastics”

* ASTM D5208-09 “Standard Practice for Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure of Photodegradable Plastics”

* ASTM D 4674 – 89 “Standard test method for accelerated testing for color stability of plastics exposed to indoor fluorescent lighting and window-filtered daylight”

* ASTM D3424 − 11 “Standard Practice for Evaluating the Relative Lightfastness and Weatherability of Printed Matter”

* ASTM D4303-03 “Standard Test Methods for Light fastness of Colorants Used in artists’ materials”

* ASTM D4587-11 “Standard Practice for Fluorescent UV-Condensation Exposures of Paint and Related Coatings”

* ASTM D750- 06 “Standard Test Method for Rubber Deterioration Using Artificial Weathering Apparatus”

* ASTM D6695 – 08 “Standard Practice for Xenon-Arc Exposures of Paint and Related Coatings”

* ASTM G147 “Standard Practice for Conditioning and Handling of Nonmetallic Materials for Natural and Artificial Weathering Tests”

* ASTM ISO 4892-2 “Plastics – Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources – Part 2 Xenon arc  sources”

* ASTM ISO 4892-3 “Plastics – Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources – Part 3 Fluorescent UV lamps”

* ASTM ISO 11341 “Paints and varnishes – Artificial weathering and exposure to artificial radiation – Exposure to filtered xenon-arc radiation”

* ASTM BS EN ISO 105-B02:1999 “Color fastness to artificial light: Xenon arc fading lamp test”

* MIL-STD-810F ”Method 505.4 Solar radiation (sunshine) (August 30, 2002)”

*MIL-STD-810C “Method 505.1 Solar Radiation (sunshine) (March 10, 1975)”
Color test standards

*ASTM E308-08 “Computing the colors of objects using the CIE system”

*ASTM E313-05 “Standard Practice for Calculating Yellowness and Whiteness Indices from Instrumentally Measured COLOR Coordinates (Abstract only)”

*ASTM E1347 – 06 “Standard Test Method for Color and Color-Difference Measurement by Tristimulus Colorimetry”

*ASTM D1729 “Practice for Visual Appraisal of Colors and Color Differences of Diffusely-Illuminated Opaque Materials”

*ASTM D6290-13 “Standard Test Method for Color Determination of Plastic Pellets UV Exposure Tests”


UPF Standards

*AATCC TM183-2010 “Transmittance or Blocking of Erythemally Weighted Ultraviolet Radiation through Fabrics”

*ASTM D6544 “UPF Standard Practice for Preparation of Textiles Prior to Ultraviolet (UV) Transmission Testing”

*ASTM D6603 “Standard Specification for Labeling of UV-Protective Textiles1″

*AS_NZS_4399 “Sun protective clothing— Evaluation and classification”

*BS EN 13758-1 “Textiles – Solar UV protective properties – Method of test for apparel fabrics”

*GBT18830-2009 “Textiles – Evaluation for solar ultraviolet protective properties”

Our Lab

Test and Measurement Equipment

Light Sources

Solar Light Model 16S-150-003 Short Arc Xenon UV Solar Simulators
Solar Light Model 16S-300-003 Short Arc Xenon UV Solar Simulators

UVA Fluorescent lamps
UVA+B Fluorescent lamps
UVC Fluorescent lamps
High Intensity Visible Fluorescent lamps

Solar Light Model LS-1000 6” Air Mass
Solar Light Model LS-1000 6” UV Solar Simulator


Solar Light Model PMA2100 dual channel datalogging radiometer
Solar Light Model PMA2107 UVA+B Sensors
Solar Light Model PMA2110 UVA Sensors
Solar Light Model PMA2144 Class II Pyranometer

Hunter Lab Model CQXE Spectrophotometer

Optronic Laboratories Model 750 Double Grating Monochromator System
Optronic Laboratories Model 740 A/D Double Grating Monochromator
Optronic Laboratories Model 730A Radiometer
Optronic Laboratories Model 740-1C Controller
Optronic Laboratories Model OL 220M Quartz-halogen lamp
Optronic Laboratories Model 65DS Precision Current Source

Solar Light 290SPF UV Transmission Analyzer

Controlled Environmental Test Equipment

Stability Environments Controlled Temperature, Humidity & Light Walk-in Chamber
Stability Environments 33 cu ft Controlled Temperature & Humidity Reach-in Chamber
Tenny Environmental Chamber