Power Supply Precision current source for xenon arc lamps from 250 to 300W of power


The XPS-300 Power supply is a highly stable current source for xenon short arc lamps. It is designed to work with a remote, DC powered igniter module mounted in a shielded lamp enclosure to reduce electromagnetic interference.

The XPS-300 is compatible with Solar Light’s line of Solar Simulators (Models 16S and 601 v.2.5). In conjunction with an igniter also available from solar light it can be used with any  300 Watt short arc lamp with operating voltages from 15VDC to 29VDC.


The XPS-300 power supply comes with the line cord as specified by the customer. Universal mains operation 90VAC to 260VAC.

A rear panel mounted lamp house connection provides lamp power, chassis safety ground, 24VDC fan power, a normally closed fault loop circuit, 24VDC solenoid driver and signal lines indicating shutter and filter operating positions for selected Solar Light Co. simulators


The XPS300 is power regulated and power limited to simplify operation. A single front panel knob determines the powerr setting for the lamp. A front panel connector supports the PMA DCS option and provides user access to 24VDC shutter control

Internal ignition counter stops the automatic ignition cycle after approximately 5 attempts.

An external fault loop is used to provide thermal shutdown in the event of a lamp overheating or the fan failing. The fault loop circuit prvides an intrinsically safe, normally closed circuit for remote sensing elements such as interlock switches, thermal switches or vacuum sensors. The system will not restart until the lamp enable switch is reset.

The power supply senses a lamp’s end of life condition and will shut down when the lamp voltage exceeds 30VDC

Output is short circuit protected and “arc to ground” protected.

The power supply chassis is internally protected with a thermal shutdown feature if the internal temperature exceeds 90 °C


ON/OFF rocker switch (automatically initiates ignition cycle) on rear panel

Lamp enable switch

Manual shutter control switch

Lamp power adjustment potentiometer (250W to 315W range)

4 LED indicators showing power on, lamp running, system fault and ignition failure

Lamp Hour display

Rear panel mounted Lamp Hour reset

PMA DCS interface connector



Weight: 8.9 lbs (4.1kg)
Size: 10.75×5.5×9.5″ (27x14x24cm)


Lamp Power adjust range: 250W to 315W
Output voltage range: 15 to 29 Volts
Lamp Power stability: <1% after 5 minute warm up
Line Power Factor: 0.92-1.00
Power Requirements: 90 – 260VAC, 50 – 60Hz, 2.5 Amps max.
Open Circuit Voltage: 110VDC + 5VDC
Operating Temperature: 25 °C recommended, 5 – 50 °C range
Ground Leakage Current: <3.5mA