SPF and Pre-irradiation
Materials Testing
PV Cell Testing
Biological Exposure

Fast Start up

Less keystrokes because pre-stored programs reduce the need for repetitive information input

Visual Fault Indication

Easily seen from across the room if a fault arises

Auto Stop feature

Automatically closes down the run, saving time and reducing false reporting

7-inch touch screen

Easy to use for anyone familiar with a tablet computer or smartphone!

PMA Sensor compatible

The patented* automatic sensor recognition feature allows all existing PMA intelligent sensors to be used with this model. Units and Offset data are instantly recognized by the Dose Controller.

Accurate Dose Control

Calibrated to NIST standards, the system delivers accurate traceable results time after time

Detector Inputs:

Two detectors can be connected at one time

Power Supply:




7-inch Touch Screen

Operating Environment:

32 to 120°F (0 to 50°C), No precipitation

Dimensions: W x H x D

9.5” (241mm) x 3.5” (89mm) x 8.5” (216mm)


2.1 lbs (930 g)

• Dose Control Meter Model DCS 2.0: Model DCS 2.0 pdf


• Comparison of PMA2100, DCS-1 and DCS2.0 in a SPF15 FDA Study using a 16S Single Port Simulator, increment 25%, from a base of 1 MED: PMA2100vDCS-1vDCS2.0.pdf

Included Accessories
Required Accessories

1 year Standard Warranty

SOLAR LIGHT COMPANY warrants that the equipment has been carefully tested, inspected and left the Factory in proper working condition, free of visible defects. SOLAR LIGHT COMPANY warrants the equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and operation, for a period of one (1) year after the date of initial operation, or demonstration; or eighteen (18) months from the date of shipment from the Factory; or whichever occurs first. The warranty is limited to the free replacement of all-defective parts and free labor during the first year of warranty. Defective parts replaced under this warranty shall become the property of SOLAR LIGHT COMPANY. The above stated Warranty is subject to the following conditions: Equipment being installed within the United States of America, Canada, or sold by authorized SOLAR LIGHT COMPANY representatives or their agents outside the continental United States. The equipment being installed is operated and maintained in accordance with SOLAR LIGHT COMPANY’s operating instructions, maintenance instructions and specifications. Utilization of only SOLAR LIGHT COMPANY’s authorized parts and components. The utilization of a duly authorized representative for all work performed on SOLAR LIGHT COMPANY equipment during the warranty period. Any variation(s) to the above warranty must be in writing and mutually acceptable by SOLAR LIGHT COMPANY and the customer. The warranty shall not apply to damages resulting from errors in installation, nor shall it apply to any equipment, which has been subject to damages, alterations or misuse by the purchaser. Parts of the equipment, which would be generally considered as expendable service items during normal use, such as fuses, lamps, detector shields, etc., are not covered under the warranty. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THIS DESCRIPTION, AND EXPRESSLY NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL SOLAR LIGHT COMPANY BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR ANTICIPATED LOSS OF PROFITS SUFFERED BY THE PURCHASER.