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Solar Simulator Selection Guide

Solar Light Company manufactures a wide range of Solar Simulator and UV light sources for use in an equally wide range of applications. The 16S range is an entry level range of simulators including powerful UV light sources using optical filters to simulate the UV components of sunlight for use in testing SPF in the cosmetics industry, and accelerated UV fade testing in the Materials Testing industry. Using different filters and combinations the UV light source can be used to quickly and accurately simulate natural conditions in a controlled way, saving time while maintaining accuracy throughout.

The LS1000 UV light sources are larger capacity units with more powerful lamps and larger exposure areas, but can carry out the same test procedures as the smaller units, thus increasing work flow and throughout.

The unique Multiport® UV light source has 6 outputs, and as such can carry out 6 identical tests simultaneously, increasing throughput, saving time and reducing running costs by maximizing the energy supplied. Principally used in the SPF testing industry, it is also versatile enough to be used where any replicate tests are called for requiring speed and accuracy.