Additional Information

PROCEDURE TO SEND MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT TO SOLAR LIGHT FOR TESTING 1. Complete the Materials Testing Form and mark box "Attn: Materials Testing Laboratory".
2. Issue a purchase order or include payment information.
3. Provide specific shipping instructions for the return shipment and fax or e-mail P.O. / Return Form to Solar Light Company and
4. Enclosed a copy of the “Materials Testing Form” in the package with the instrument along with price quotation.
Ship prepaid via UPS or FedEx, fully insured to:
Solar Light Company, Inc. 100 East Glenside Avenue Glenside, PA. 19038 USA Tel: 215 517-8700 Fax: 215 517-8747 E-mail: Send to: Attn: Materials Testing Laboratory


1. If the customer is from outside the United States, mark shipping documents/commercial invoice with: “U.S.A. Goods being returned to the manufacturer for repair and re-shipment back to us.”
2. Solar Light will inspect the instruments upon received and will advise and obtain approval of testing before proceeding with the work.
3. Solar Light standard payment terms are: Payment in Advance (before shipment) either by major Credit Card with 1.5% surcharge or via bank wire transfer

Test and Measurement Equipment

Solar Light Model 16S-300 Short Arc Xenon UV Solar Simulators;
Filters UG11 and WG 320.
GE T8 40 watt BLB fluorescent lamp
Solar Light Model LS-1000 6” Air Mass Solar Simulator
Solar Light Model LS-1000 6” UV Solar Simulator
Solar Light Model PMA2100 dual channel datalogging radiometer
Solar Light Model PMA2103 UVA+B detector
Solar Light Model PMA2144 Class II Pyranometer
Stability Environments Controlled Temperature, Humidity & Light Walk-in Chamber
Stability Environments 10 cu ft Controlled Temperature & Humidity Reach-in Chamber
Stability Environments 33 cu ft Controlled Temperature & Humidity Reach-in Chamber
Hunter Lab Model CQXE
Optronic Laboratories Model 740 A/D Monochromator
Optronic Laboratories Model 730A Radiometer
Optronic Laboratories Model 740-1C Controller
Optronic Laboratories Model OL 220M Quartz-halogen lamp
Optronic Laboratories Model 65DS Precision Current Source