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Materials Testing


The accelerated life testing will show how a material will react to long term sunlight exposure. Have your samples exposed to a UV Test, or full spectrum sunlight to simulate year's worth of sunlight in days. At Solar Light, we can expose plastics, paints, coatings, textiles, papers, and other materials to a UV test to see how they will stand up to years of outdoor UV light. Using only Solar Light solar simulators we can expose your samples to the spectrum of natural sunlight with a class “A” spectrum, providing the closest spectral output of sunlight that can be simulated by a light source. We can also provide a qualitative measure of the color change during the exposure’s progression. Individuals in the need of a reliable UV test can turn to the high quality products offered by our company. Solar Light is a global leader in UV test services. Our NIST Traceable testing laboratory provides UV test services meeting ASTM & ISO standards. We offer the best Solar Simulators for Accelerated UV Testing. Those in need of more information regarding our products can contact us today.