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Solar Simulator


solar simulatorSolar Light offers 3 ranges of Solar Simulator products that satisfy the wide range of applications and markets where these products are used. The first range is the small laboratory models, the 16S range. These are used by education and research facilities, maybe pilot plants to set up, to demonstrate and prove the use of a solar simulator to produce UV radiation for such effects as fade testing, degradation testing, as well as sunscreen protection testing and so on. Each 16S solar simulator can output several times the UV level of natural sunlight, which enables accelerated testing to be carried out, saving time. All models comply with the prevailing standards and protocols for the particular testing they are being used for. For example, in clinical studies with sunscreens, they comply with the ISO standards, FDA and COLIPA. For materials testing, they comply with relevant ASTM, ISO and MIL standards. The 16S Simulators are also available with a full Air Mass 1.5 spectral output, which closely follows the solar spectrum and complies with the ASTM standards for Class A spectral match. This enables controlled research for photovoltaic testing and solar panel research.

The second range is the larger LS1000 models, which have large area irradiation up to 8” square. These are used extensively in solar cell testing where the steady illumination helps in calculating the efficiency of the photovoltaic elements to convert photons from the sunlight or from a simulator into electrons for electricity! Using the larger output, whole elements from solar panels can be tested in this way. Again, the LS1000 simulators output a Class A spectrum as described by the ASTM Standard, to confirm their closeness of fit is good. These simulators can also be used in biological applications using a UV spectrum to research the biological responses to this range.

The 3rd simulator type is a unique Multiport solar simulator designed specifically for clinical research, testing sun protection qualities of topical lotions and oils, cosmetics, and so on. Extremely accurate, uniform output and dose controlled exposure makes this unique product invaluable where high throughput and accuracy and compliance are demanded by International testing standards. A high specification homogenizer ensures that the output is better than 97% uniform over the test area, ensuring accurate and reproducible results within tests and between tests.

Currently Displaying 1 - 20 of 22 Items