Solar Light Company, Inc. Discusses the Difference Between Analog and Digital Sensors

Here at Solar Light Company, Inc., some of the most common questions we are asked are “What’s the difference between analog and digital sensors?” and “Which one should I choose?” Below are some situations that will help you determine whether you should choose an analog sensor, digital sensor, or something completely customized to fit your unique needs.

When You Might Prefer Analog Sensors:

-If you don’t need a digital display output of the reading.
-If you will be connecting to your own datalogger.
-If you will be using a voltage source to provide excitation voltage to the sensor and a digital volt meter or amp meter to read and convert the results.

It’s important to know that these analog sensors are typically used as process sensors that are permanently installed to provide ongoing information.

 When You Might Prefer Digital Sensors:

-If you want to plug into our PMA2100 datalogging radiometer or PMA2200 radiometer to read the output of the sensor on the display.
-If you require a discrete sensor that is portable and can easily provide short-term information.

Solar Light Company, Inc. offers both analog and digital sensors, so customers have a choice based on their needs and application.

Choose Us If You Want a Custom Sensor

Making custom sensors is one of our fortes. While we certainly have a wide variety of digital and analog sensors in our inventory, we understand that you may need one customized to suit your specific needs. We can create a custom sensor that has virtually any wavelength or bandwidth.

We strive to meet the needs of every customer. Because of this, we also took it upon ourselves to formulate our own manufacturing techniques and customization concepts. Over the years, the processes and procedures we put in place have even allowed us to meet the demands of our customers faster than ever. If you’re looking for a digital sensor, analog sensor, or something customized, you can count on us to produce that product quickly and to the highest quality standards in the industry. To learn more about us, our radiometers, plastics testing or any of the other products and services we offer to customers all over the globe, please browse our site, or give us a call today.

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