Accelerated UV Test Examples

3-D Printed bracelet
ADA safety flooring
Advertising placard ink process
Aircraft fuel cap
Anodized Motorcycle parts
Arc lamp housing coatings
Auto headlamp coatings
Auto wear indicator label
Baseball bat coating
Cartridge fuse printing ink
Chemical sorbent materials
Clear plastic housings
Clear plastic panels
Coated galvanized roofing
Coated hydraulic lines
Coated textiles
Coatings on Inks
Colored anodize samples
Colored sand
Colored textiles
Control panel housing
Custom paint colors
Diffuse display glass
Electric power transformer cowling
Electrical cable joint materials
Electronic LCDs
Emergency Lighting Lenses
Engine fuel fitting
Extraterrestrial mission components
Extraterrestrial reflective materials
Extruded HDPE
Extruded PVC knob
Fabric samples
Fiberglass structural cable
Filament dyed acrylic polyester
Filled polymer materials
Fire extinguisher labels
Flow meter housing
Garden plant potting accessories
Gardening material packaging
Glass – polymer adhesive
Glass block adhesive
Glass coatings
Hearing Aid Battery housings
High stress loading fiberglass material
High voltage insulators
Hiking tent fabric
Household consumer product packaging
Ink jet printer ink
Ink on stick on labels
Lamp anodize coating @ 65°C
LED housings
Lighting fixture parts
Logo Display Coating
Membrane switch panel
Microwave receiver housing
Molded graphite composite
Motorcycle gear anodize
Non stabilized polypropylene
Optical scanner window
Outdoor camouflage fabric
Outdoor decals
Outdoor electrical connectors
Outdoor fabric
Outdoor hose cover
Outdoor Safety Labels
Outdoor security electronics housings
Outdoor wireless housing
PEET sample
Photographic paper protective spray
Photovoltaic device coatings
Plastic Cap at 120°F
Plastic plant pots
Playground structure materials
Pool filter cover gasket
Potting material
Power cord and camera case
Price tag holders
Protective window film
PVC handles
Reflective safety placard
Resin laminate on glass
Rubber floor tiles
Safety Label on metal casting
Safety ramp tiles
Satellite dish housing materials
Shopping cart display inks
Silicone to fabric adhesion
Silk flowers
Simulated wood laminate
Solar battery charging housing
Solar Fresnel lenses
Solar mirrors
Solenoid housing
Sprinkler cover
Sunglass frames’ adhesive
Touch screen panels
Touch screen polymer
Touch screen polymer film
TPX plastics
UPC labels
Urethane samples
UV stabilized PE handles
Water meter bezel
Watercraft housing
Webcam housing
Wicker outdoor furniture
Window frame and sash
Woven tent straps
Yellow ink on plastic

Accelerated Indoor Fluorescent UV Test Examples

Casket fabrics
Catheter pouch
Catheter pouch parts
Chemical container labels
Chewing gum packaging
Clear Plastic Display Frame
Display case Polycarbonate
Fluorescent lamp housing
Fluorescent lighting cover
Infant food packaging
Ink images on Paper labels
LDPE colored test panels
Medical device housings
Medical Packaging
Medical tubes
Molded, colored plastic panels
Office wall fiber materials
Polymer tubes
Retail Display housing
Scented candles’ color change
Shaving razor packaging
Surgery towel packaging

UV – Visible Transmission and Reflection Test Examples

Catheter pouch UV transmission
Fluorescent emission of a label under UV
Fluorescent lamp irradiance(Several)Germicidal oral therapy lamp (Several)
Germicidal Lamp (Several)
Infant bilirubin therapy eye protection
LCD display color change transmission / exposure
Mercury Xenon Lamp
NIR Spectral transmission of Plastic filters
Performance sunglasses transmission / exposure
Safety analysis of a UV light source
Solar Admittance of a Radome panel
Solar Fresnel lens transmission / exposure
Solar liquid & tube material transmission / exposure
Spectral irradiance of Bilirubin light sourceBlack light UVA spectral irradiance
Spectral irradiance of IR lamps (Several)
Spectral irradiance of UV lamp
Spectral irradiance of UV LED
Spectral irradiance of UV resistant tubing
Spectral irradiance of UVB detector
Spectral irradiance of Vis LED headgear
Spectral transmission of Amber glass bottles
Spectral transmission of Colored fabric
Spectral transmission of Epoxy dispenser tips
Spectral transmission of Food Container
Spectral transmission of Food storage glassware
Spectral transmission of Loudspeaker fabric
Spectral transmission of PV cell panel materials
Spectral transmission of shrink wrap material
Spectral transmission of UV transmitting polymer
Spectral transmission of Zip-Lock bag material
Touch Screen Solar transmission / exposure
UV photodiode irradiance (Several)
UV reptile Lamps Irradiance (Several)

Accelerated Outdoor Fluorescent UV Test Examples

Automotive Canopy Window
ABS Cellphone cases
Automotive window decals
Electrical control housing
Fire Extinguisher cylinder paint
Inflatable solar emergency lighting
Strip light LED packaging
Wall and floor tiles

Accelerated UVC Test Examples

Electrical sheath for Interior of Germicidal Exposure Chamber
Protective Eyewear Lenses