8-5080 Training program at Solar Light facility, per diem.Client responsible for all travel expenses.
8-5081 On-site training, per diem. Travel expenses to be borne by client.
8-5096 WinSPF v4.1 software (on CD-ROM), Operating Manual and Validation Kit.
8-5097 Upgrade to WinSPF v4.1 from any Win SPF v3.xx and Validation Kit.
8-5098 Upgrade to WinSPF v4.1 from any Win SPF v4.xx and Validation Kit.
8-5026 X-Y stage upgrade (For SPF units purchased after December 2000).
RENT Monthly rental of SPF-290S Automated (X-Y) system (8-5007); 70% credit towards purchase allowed at end of rental period. Rental must be paid in advance.
Solar Light is now offering a Comprehensive Test Plate for use with the SPF-290S and WinSPF version 4. The test plate is designed to provide the user with a clear understanding of how their SPF-290S analyzer is performing. The test plate contains several optical filters that are measured by the SPF-290S and the results are compared to NIST traceable factory measurements. Equipped with this tool, users will not spend time performing tests on an analyzer that is in need of repair nor will they spend money for repairs that are not necessary. In addition to the test plate, the Validation Kit contains Transpore® tape, syringes and two standard formulations: 8% Homosalate and the Colipa Standard.
8-5031 Transpore® Tape sample holders for use with SPF-290S systems with the X-Y Automatic sampling stage. 3 holders/package.
8-5089 PMMA plate holder for 50 x 50mm plates.
8-5028 Quartz sample plates, 10.7 cm x 10.2 cm. Two plates/package.
8-5083 Validation Kit (Contains the following: a case, 10 syringes with tips, Set of 3 PMMA plates – 5 micron roughness, PMMA plate holder, calibration plate assembly, 1 oz. of Homosolate Standard, and 1 oz. of Colipa Standard).
8-5087 Calibration Plate Assembly (Includes 5 separate test filters).


8-5103 PMMA plates, 50 X 50 mm, 5μ roughness, box of 200
8-5016 Precision Positive Displacement Pipetter (requires tips)
8-5017 Disposable Positive Displacement Pipetter Tips. Box of 100
8-5010 Transpore® surgical tape, 75 mm x 9.1 M (3 inches x 10 yds) rolls. Four rolls/package.
8-5015 1 ml disposable plastic syringes with tips, 25 syringes/package.
8-5078 HS8 (8%) Homosalate USFDA Standard SPF4 (1 oz. jar).
8-5079 Colipa Standard SPF 14-17 (1 oz. jar).
8-5022 125W CW Xenon lamp replacement Kit. Includes Xenon lamp and color compensating filter.
8-5095 Color compensating filter, annealed UG-5.
8-5094 SPF packaging/shipping materials.