Be Safe Celebrating the Fourth of July!

Fourth Of July Weekend Has Arrived!


After many long months of uncertainty and stay-at-home orders, COVID-19 restrictions are continuing to ease depending on where you are located, while the summer heat lingers. The Fourth of July is typically a chance to gather in large groups with family and friends for BBQs or beach trips, but this year will be spent a little differently as we hope you are continuing to adhere to your states social distancing guidelines. We encourage you to catch up with family and friends outdoors, even if it means wearing a mask and keeping your distance over the holiday weekend. These new safety precautions have taken some time to get used to so we’re here to remind you best practices for protecting yourself while enjoying some time in the sun!

Solarmeter® by Solar Light Company, LLC, offers a handheld digital UV Index radiometer, Model 6.5. This easy-to-use meter allows you to monitor the UV index yourself, making it the perfect instrument to bring on any outing or getaway to determine the precautions necessary to protect your skin!

Watch the video to learn more about the Model 6.5!

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