Happy International Women’s Month!

Happy International Women’s Month!

In such a dark and stressful time in the world, we would like to end the month on a lighter note celebrating some of the hardworking women from Solar Light Company, LLCand Optronic Laboratories, Inc. These women are integral parts of our companies and we wouldn’t function like the well-oiled machine we do without them!


Deserie Binegar
I spent 16 years working at a Court Reporting Firm where I sharpened my computer skills by typing subpoenas and obtaining medical records before transferring to the billing department. It is here that I began working with data entry, billing and collection. I learned a lot and found my job fulfilling, but eventually I left to start a family. After having my daughter, I found being a stay-at-home mom did not suite me so I got a part-time job before quitting to have my son. Once my kids were in school, I joined Solar Light as the Office Manager and have remained here for over 20 years. As the Office Manager, I find myself wearing many hats. My tasks include accounts payable, accounts receivable, order entry, customer service, collections, and logistics. I enjoy having the ability to handle various tasks and not do the same exact thing every single day. I’m lucky to have found a company to call home for over 20 years and look forward to finishing my working career here. 
Gina Carroll
After High School when most of my friends were going off to college I decided to try and find out what I wanted to do with my life.  I started working odd jobs and came a across an ad for a shipper/receiver at a local manufacturing plant.  After working in that position for a short time I was asked if I was interested in moving up to an electrical assembler, that soon became other assembly positions and even worked as the assistant plant supervisor.  An opening in purchasing and inside sales came about and I went for it and decided that I loved keeping track of inventory and managing costs. Now after 22 years in manufacturing where I worked mostly with men and have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge I am secure in my position and appreciate the industry and the people that work in it.  I continue to learn more effective ways of keeping inventory flowing so that production can do it’s job and look forward to the next 22+ years in this industry.


Maureen Knowles
When I was in college pursuing an English degree, I took a class about women authors.  I didn’t like it.  All of the authors seemed oppressed and defeated for being a woman.  I, on the other hand, have never felt that being a woman was a liability.  I work in a predominantly male industry, but nothing has ever felt out of reach or limited.  I have never been made to feel less than or not equal to any of my co-workers.  My work is challenging and rewarding.  I started as the stock room clerk.  A few years later, my current position as sales and marketing coordinator opened.  After 22 years, I still learn something new every day.  I care about my co-workers, who are like family to me.  I am treated respectfully and considerately by my employers.  Our customers are second to none – and interacting with them is definitely the best part of my job.  I take great pride in the reputation this company has cultivated over 50 years and am proud to have played a role in that.
Tiffany Vaughan
Several years ago I decided to make some big changes in my life and moved from everything I knew in Minnesota to Florida. Two weeks after I arrived in Florida, I got hired at Optronic Laboratories as a receptionist / order processor. Since then I have worked my way up to a production planner. Through the years of my employment at Optronic Laboratories, I took the initiative to learn as much as I could about our products and the manufacturing industry as a whole. I have had several great co-workers both male and female that have mentored me and encouraged me to always strive for more. I enjoy the challenges my job brings and use them as learning opportunity. My life example to other women is to empower yourself and to realize nothing is out of your reach if you really want it.
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