Our Achievements at the Florida Sunscreen Symposium

We’re back from Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club in Orlando, Florida, an incredible experience in itself. As if we needed a reason to go there, we attended the Florida Sunscreen Symposium, organized by the Florida Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Even though it was a business symposium, we learned a lot and contributed a lot—being active in the community is not only entertaining; our contributions help our industry and others prosper and innovate new solutions to problems for ages to come.

At the Symposium, we were responsible for giving the opening Educational Seminar, where we detailed developments and improvements in the in-vitro and in-vivo SPF and sunscreen testing arenas, as well as future developments we’re working with that are in the pipeline. Our seminar was well-received by those in attendance, stimulating a deep discussion about different techniques in the industry, as well as control capabilities that different companies have over their research process. Over 450 delegates were in attendance from all throughout the world, including Australia, Europe and Asia, with over 62 companies exhibiting at the event.

We took part in our own exhibit as well, unveiling the brand-new, all-purpose stand for our 601 Multiport® Solar Simulators offering an innovative solution for organizations looking to multi-task efficiently within their research processes. Combining this all-purpose stand with the solar simulator allows the researcher to carry out up to 5 tests simultaneously, which will save organizations a lot of time and money in laboratory and technician time.

With our facility on Glenside Avenue in Glenside, PA, we’ve been able to innovate products like never before. Advancements in optics and engineering have allowed us to create groundbreaking solutions for solar radiation researchers worldwide. And, through these developments, we have and will continue to help people be safe from the harmful rays of the sun. This has been our mission since our founding in 1967, and we aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Our products help our clientele realize their full potential and, with further developments, that potential can only grow.

We will continue attending these events and, when we do, we’ll keep you posted. We’re always working to further develop our skillsets and teamwork to bring the entirety of the industry to the next level. We pride ourselves on serving as the industry standard, off which practices and services are based. Have questions about what we do, or who we are? Maybe you’re interested in seeing what our products are all about? Call us at 1.215.517.8700 from anywhere, or e-mail our Marketing Director, Terry Harding, for more information at [email protected]. Please stay tuned for future solar simulator innovations, developments and events!

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