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  • Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) Test Includes First 2 Samples

    Solar Light performs accurate UPF testing for clothing and fabrics to all major worldwide standards: AATCC 183, BS EN 13758-1, GBT18830-2009, and NZS 4399 – please advise which you need, and we will perform the testing accordingly. We can include a UPF Certification Report optionally which details the specific measurements of your samples, as well as equipment used in the testing, and all relevant data points. (Please note: Some of the standards require laundering the article prior to testing.) Typical turnaround is only a few days after we receive the prepared samples to test.

    UPF Testing costs $250.00 and includes the first 2 samples.

    **Additional samples cost $75.00 each**

    A UPF Certificate Report covering all samples tested is optional, for $75.00 additional. Please select from the Testing Options below. Preferred sample size is 5×5 inches (or 13 x 13 cm). All testing is performed dry, and any samples sent should be pre-laundered if the UPF standard selected calls for it.

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