UV Light Source

Solar Light Company offers a wide range of world class products for many markets worldwide.
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uv light sourceOur range of Solar Simulators feature UV light sources as well as full spectrum Air Mass models for photovoltaic research and development. We offer small size entry level UV light sources for education and research laboratories up to large area sources for industrial applications such as curing, materials testing and fade testing. All our simulators comply with the relevant ISO, ASTM and FDA standards and protocols. Our unique Model 601 Multiport is used extensively in clinical and sunscreen testing laboratories throughout the world. This UV light Source has a high design specification; it can carry out up to 6 exposures at one time, greatly reducing the test time. The new DCS 2.0 touch screen dose controller/radiometer is able to accurately control the delivered dose, and the pre-programmed sequences in the unit’s software save even more time during set up.

To measure and quantify the output of these UV light sources, as well as the DCS 2.0, we offer our NIST certificated PMA Radiometers, which are used with the PMA sensors and detectors to show the output in discrete spectral ranges. The PMA sensors have a unique, patented feature that allows instant sensor recognition by the radiometers, and so any PMA sensor can be used with any PMA radiometer without any prior matching being required. Sensors and detectors are available that will measure UVA, UVB, UVC, Visible and Infra Red radiation bands, and combinations of those too. Featuring on board data logging, light weight hand held construction and large, easy to read display, the PMA2100 is a valuable tool to have in any laboratory or industrial environment.

We have our unique Microtops II Sun hand held Photometers and Ozone meters for measuring atmospheric components. Used widely throughout the world by Government Meteorological departments, space administrations and many others. We also produce more permanent outdoor detectors, our model 501 Biometer and UVA radiometer, which is designed and built for long term outdoor monitoring of Solar UV. These are offered as stand alone sensors which can be connected to existing recording devices, or as a complete system with its own datalogging and recording device. Finally we have a range of UVC Germicidal detectors and monitors for use in the potable and waste water environment to unsure the safety of the waste and the quality of the fresh water we drink.