Digital Sensor Selection Guide - Solarlight

Digital Sensor Selection Guide

Solar Light’s NIST-Traceable PMA-Series Digital Sensors represent the pinnacle of accuracy, durability, and selection on the market today. Our sensors measure discrete bands of the electromagnetic spectrum from the UVA, UVB, UVA+B, UVC, Visible Light, and Infrared regions. Both narrow and broad bands are available to fit any application, including germicidal requirements, environmental probes, and sensors for biologically weighted spectra (such as the erythema and CIE action spectra.) Over 135 different sensors are available in a variety of packages to fit any environment, from indoor clean rooms to harsh locations outdoors to 100 meters under water. Please note that Solar Light offers both Digital Sensors and Analog Sensors in the PMA-Series lineup. Select these Digital Sensors if you prefer to plug into our PMA-Series Radiometers to read the output of the sensor on the meter’s display. Digital models are typically used as discrete sensors that are portable and located to provide short term information. (By contrast, please select Analog Sensors if you don’t need a digital display output of the reading, if you will be connecting to your own datalogger, or if you plan to use a voltage source to provide excitation voltage to the sensor and a digital volt or amp meter to read and convert the results. Analog Sensors are typically used as process sensors that are permanently installed to provide ongoing information.)




UVA Sensors
PMA2112 UVA High Intensity Probe
PMA2113 UVA with Liquid Light Guide Adapter
PMA2114 UVA with Beam Splitter Adapter
UVB Sensors
PMA2101 UVB Erythemally Weighted
PMA2103 UVB Erythemally Weighted with Liquid Light Guide Adapter
PMA2105 UVB Erythemally Weighted with Beam Splitter
PMA2106 Unweighted UVB
UVA + UVB Sensors
PMA2107 UVA+ UVB Sensor
UVC Sensors
PMA2122 Germicidal UV Detector (UVGI)
UV Safety Sensor
PMA2120 UV Radiation Safety Detector
Visible Sensors
PMA2121 Blue Light Safety Detector
PMA2123 Bilirubin Phototherapy Detector
PMA2130 Visible Photopic
PMA2131 Visible Scotopic
PMA2132 Visible Photosynthetically Active Radiation
PMA2133 Visible Luminance Probe
Photostability Sensors
PMA4100 CALReady Sensors
Infrared and Full Spectrum Sensors
PMA2140 IR and Visible Global Radiometer
PMA2144 Solar Sensor Class II Pyranometer
PMA2145 Solar Sensor Class I Pyranometer
PMA2142-10 Full Spectrum 10 Watt Laser Power Detector
PMA2142-40 Full Spectrum 40 Watt Laser Power Detector
PMA2151 Total Irradiance from LS1000-Series Simulators
PMA2153 Total Irradiance from 8mm Liquid Light Guide Simulators
PMA2155 Total Irradiance from 16S-Series Simulators
PMA2158 Total Irradiance from Homogenizer-Equipped Multiport® Simulators
Temperature Sensors
PMA2160 Available Probes Include: PMA2161K Surface Temp Probe, PMA2162K Miniature Temp Probe , PMA2163K Stainless Steel Immersion Probe, PMA2164K Stainless Steel Air/Gas Probe
PMA2166 K-type Therocouple Probe
PMA2170 Relative Humidity, Dewpoint & Temp. Probe
Quadrant Sensor Assembly
PMA2172 Measures Beam Uniformity from 8mm Liquid Light Guide Solar Simulators 
PMA2173 Measures Beam Uniformity from 16S-Series Solar Simulators 
PMA2174 Measures Beam Uniformity from Homogenizer-Equipped Multiport® Solar Simulators 
Custom Wavelength Sensors and Detectors
PMA2180 Custom Narrowband Sensor with Specific Filter
PMA2181 Custom Broadband Sensor with up to Two Specific Filters