Model DCS-2 Automatic Dose Controller

Solar Light’s innovative DCS-2 Automatic Dose Controller and Meter represents the state of the art methodology required in today’s busy testing laboratories. It measures the spectral response following the Erythema Action Spectrum and UVA Spectrum to allow accurate dose control when measuring SPF values in vivo, or during in vitro PMMA plate pre-irradiation. It is also capable of controlling PV Cell Testing procedures and Materials Testing studies. The unit is extremely simple to use, and dramatically reduces the number of keystrokes required to set up and run typical testing procedures. The 7″ (17.8 cm) touch sensitive screen features intuitive menus and makes it easy to set control parameters. Pre-programmed data from our intelligent PMA-Series sensors eliminates the need to input offsets, calibration data and units, and saving even more valuable time. In the event of a fault arising during a run cycle, the DCS-2 provides a visual fault indication, and automatically closes the simulator’s shutter, reducing the chances of false reporting.

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