Custom Wavelength Testing

Solar Light offers many standard configuration Solar Simulators to produce solar UV radiation in the 290-400nm range, Air Mass 1.5, or Air Mass 0, depending on the application. They can also be quickly and easily configured by the user to provide UVA only, UVB only, UVA+B, or full spectrum sunlight optionally. However, we also offer Custom Wavelength models, which are built to specific requirements for specialized applications. If you need a custom wavelength simulator for your project, please contact us with your specific requirements. Models are available from 150W / 0.4″ (1cm) to 1000W / 6″ (15.25 cm.) These precision research-grade instruments are specifically designed to comply with laboratory standards such as ASTM, IEC, ISO, and more.

We can supply everything required to begin testing immediately, including Solar Simulators, Power Supplies, Automatic Dose Controllers, Radiometers, NIST-Traceable PMA-Series Sensors or Pyranometers for custom wavelengths, safety glasses, and many other related accessories. Please contact us for more details.

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