UPF TestIng | Ultraviolet Protection Factor Testing for Clothing And Fabrics

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) Test Includes First 2 Samples

Solar Light performs accurate UPF testing for clothing and fabrics to all major worldwide standards: AATCC 183, BS EN 13758-1, GBT18830-2009, and NZS 4399 – please advise which you need, and we will perform the testing accordingly. We can include a UPF Certification Report as an option, which details the statistical properties of the measurements of your samples, as well as equipment used in the testing. You may optionally launder the article(s) prior to testing, please include that as a note on the Material Test Form, along with any other conditioning, location specifics and whether to include wet testing. Typical turnaround is cited as five (5) business days after we receive the prepared samples to test.



What is UPF Testing?
Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is a weighted spectral transmission value which can quantify the amount of skin-effective UV radiation that is transmitted through materials.

15-24 is good25-39 is very good40 or higher is excellent
50+ is the maximum factor according to the standards.

For example, a shirt with a UPF rating of 15 means that 1/15th of the sun’s UV radiation can reach the wearer’s skin, while a shirt with a UPF rating of 50 means that only 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation can reach the wearer’s skin. Another way to perceive this rating is a UPF of 20 (allowing 1/20th of UV through) is equivalent to blocking 95%.  A UPF of 40 blocks 97.5% and a UPF of 50 blocks 98%.

Manual Ordering:

To send Materials and Equipment to Solar Light Company for Testing:

1. Complete the necessary form and mark box “Attn: Materials Testing Laboratory”.

2. Issue a purchase order or include payment information.

3. Provide specific shipping instructions for the return shipment if applicable, and email PO with Return Form to Solar Light Company

4. Enclose a copy of the completed form in the package with the sample(s).

Ship prepaid via UPS or FedEx, fully insured to:

Solar Light Company, LLC
Attn: Materials Testing Laboratory
100 East Glenside Avenue
Glenside, PA. 19038 USA

 UPF Standards

  • AATCC TM183-2010 “Transmittance or Blocking of Erythemally Weighted Ultraviolet Radiation through Fabrics”
  • ASTM D6544 “UPF Standard Practice for Preparation of Textiles Prior to Ultraviolet (UV) Transmission Testing”
  • ASTM D6603 “Standard Specification for Labeling of UV-Protective Textiles1″
  • AS_NZS_4399 “Sun protective clothing— Evaluation and classification”
  • BS EN 13758-1 “Textiles – Solar UV protective properties – Method of test for apparel fabrics”
  • GBT18830-2009 “Textiles – Evaluation for solar ultraviolet protective properties”

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Test and Measurement Equipment

Light Sources
Solar Light Model 16S-150-003 Short Arc Xenon UV Solar Simulators
Solar Light Model 16S-300-003 Short Arc Xenon UV Solar Simulators

UVA Fluorescent lamps
UVA+B Fluorescent lamps
UVC Fluorescent lamps
High Intensity Visible Fluorescent lamps

Solar Light Model LS-1000 6″ Air Mass
Solar Light Model LS-1000 6″ UV Solar Simulator

Solar Light Model PMA2100 dual channel data-logging radiometer
Solar Light Model PMA2107 UVA+B Sensors
Solar Light Model PMA2110 UVA Sensors
Solar Light Model PMA2144 Class II Pyranometer

X-rite Color Eye 7000A Spectrophotometer

Optronic Laboratories Model 750 Double Grating Monochromator System
Optronic Laboratories Model 740 A/D Double Grating Monochromator
Optronic Laboratories Model 730A Radiometer
Optronic Laboratories Model 740-1C Controller
Optronic Laboratories Model OL 220M Quartz-halogen lamp
Optronic Laboratories Model 65DS Precision Current Source

Solar Light 290SPF UV Transmission Analyzer

Controlled Environmental Test Equipment
Stability Environments Controlled Temperature, Humidity & Light Walk-in Chamber
Stability Environments 33 cu ft Controlled Temperature & Humidity Reach-in Chamber
Tenny Environmental Chamber