Radiometers / Photometers

Solar Light offers one of the most comprehensive lines of radiometers in the industry today, to serve any niche in light measurement.These units are offered under the PMA-Series, Specialty Meter, and Solarmeter® banners.

Our laboratory-grade PMA-Series PMA2100 and PMA2200 meters can each be used with over 85 of our PMA-Series Sensors, allowing a single meter to serve as aphotometer, a pyranometer or a UV meter simply by changing the sensors! Advanced data logging and software packages are available as well, for total versatility.

Solar Light’s specialty meters target specific applications, such as the SL-3101 Scotopic / Photopic meter with on board calculations for Perceived Brightness, Visual Effectiveness and the S/P Ratio. We also offer safety meters such as the Model 6D for detecting hazardous UV in the workplace per ACGIH guidelines, and the UV Minder® Model 3D to measure the UV from sunlight or artificial sources, including sensitive versions designed for Xeroderma Pigmentosum patients.

Finally, we manufacture the exciting Solarmeter® family of specialty hand held light meters for consumer, light industry, zoological, and life sciences applications. These affordable but extremely accurate radiometers have a 25+ year track record as the industry leaders for a variety of uses, including precise UV index measurement for reptiles and humans, measuring lamp irradiance vs. aging, window film tint measurement, UV curing, sterilization lamp measurement, red/blue light phototherapy, LED measurement, and photovoltaic (PV) solar irradiance metrology.