2015 was a Great Year for us here at The Solar Light Company!

A lot happened here at The Solar Light Company throughout 2015. Not only did we continue to improve our products and grow our clientele base, but we also acquired the in vitro Sunscreen Analyzer business from Optometrics, and purchased the assets of Solartech Inc!

In fact, here is a brief look at our two big acquisitions this year:

Early in 2015, we acquired the in vitro Sunscreen Analyzer business from Optometrics to complement and extend our already wide range of SPF testing equipment. If you didn’t know, we are dominant in the in vivo SPF and broad spectrum markets with our range of high-quality Solar Simulators (designed specifically for this type of testing.) By acquiring the company’s in vitro Sunscreen Analyzer business, we were able to extend our influence in this testing arena. As of today, this has made us the only full-service equipment provider for both in vitro and in vivo SPF and sunscreen testing!

The new product we acquired, SPF-290AS, is a fully automated integrated turnkey system, which includes a CPU, keyboard, monitor and mouse, with a data acquisition board and drivers, I/O, communication and power cables packaged as a convenient, self-contained desktop unit. Windows® WinSPF v4.1 operating software is installed and tested and includes a complete on-line help system, audio-visual training aid, COLIPA/ISO spreadsheet, single step control icons, fully functional toolbar, and much more!

In May 2015, we also purchased the assets of Solartech Inc., which includes their Solarmeter® line of light meters. The products will extend our wide range of scientific light meters, sensors and light sources sold to universities, scientific research facilities, and other industries.

We take pride in being an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality light meters, sensors, and sensors and the new hand-held meter line complements our influence in the UVC disinfection, reptile care, UV lamp aging, and solar irradiation markets!

In a nutshell, the Solarmeter® product line has standard meters that measure in the Visible, Ultraviolet, and Infra-Red (UV-VIS-IR) wavelength spectrums. All of the products have first-rate electronics, are easy to operate, and have an easy to read LED display. Furthermore, the meters have a protective case and a calibration report. In all, the meter designs help guarantee spectral efficiency and repeatability to satisfy the needs of all who use them!

We look forward to continuing our business growth in 2016, and cannot wait to see all of the things that are in store for us here at The Solar Light Company!

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