Accelerated Outdoor UV / Sun Fade Testing Service

Solar Light’s new, ultra-accurate Accelerated Outdoor UV / Sun Fade Testing Service is specifically designed to simulate outdoor UV exposure of plastics, paints, coatings, textiles, inks, dyes, papers, and any other materials which are subject to degradation outside. Our laboratory uses either xenon arc sources or fluorescent sources of several types, depending on the customer’s unique requirements. In most cases, exposure to a year’s worth of sunlight can be accomplished in approximately a week, objectively determining the sample material’s reaction. As the test proceeds, trained physicists are able to collect data points such as colorimetry, gloss measurements, photography, and more, ultimately producing a formal report detailing all results of the test. Solar Light’s Accelerated Outdoor UV Lab boasts state of the art equipment, able to simulate any worldwide region or timeframe required at a very low cost!


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