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Solar Light Company, LLC designs and manufactures precision solar simulators, meteorological instruments, sources, standards and calibration services to assess the impact of sunlight on human health and the environment. Areas of focus include SPF measurement of sun protection products, monitoring UV disinfection systems, atmospheric monitoring and solar cell testing.

The most valuable and highly recommend service Solar Light offers would be materials testing. Solar Light’s Materials Testing Lab provides Accelerated UV Testing including outdoor accelerated UV testing and indoor accelerated light testing, Spectroradiometric Testing including spectral irradiance measurements and spectral response testing, Spectral Transmission Tests including ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) testing and UV / VIS / IR spectral transmission tests, Visible Light Reflectance Tests, UVC Safety Measurements, UVC Exposure Tests, and Custom Tests. With decades of experience in testing, Solar light is the first choice for the most demanding clients in Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Fashion, Furniture, and dozens of other industries worldwide.

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