Is Your MULTIPORT® Simulator Compliant with ISO 24444:2019?

ISO standard 24444:2019 replaces ISO 24444:2010 and includes new test methods to determine beam uniformity of both large and small beam size solar simulators. The new ISO standards now requires your instruments to include homogenizer testing configurations.

What Equipment Do You Need?

As the manufacturer of the 601 MULTIPORT® Solar Simulators, the Solar Light Company, LLC, recommends the use of UV sensor methods only, specifically PMA 2174 Homogeneity Sensor and DCS-2 Automatic Dose Controller, to accurately assess the beam uniformity of MULTIPORT® Solar Simulators. This sensor and method are used in the calibration and validation, and in the manufacturing and qualification of, new 601v2.5 MULTIPORT® systems, as well as external performance verification of beam uniformity of all 601 MULTIPORT® systems.

The automated UV sensor method recommended by the Solar Light Company, LLC utilizes a NIST-traceable UV sensor and mechanical alignment fixture to provide the most accurate, precise measurement of the beam uniformity of 601 MULTIPORT®systems.

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