Solar Light SPF-290AS and 16S-Series Simulators featured in Motorcycle Consumer News September 2017 Issue

Solar Light Company, LLC was featured in Motorcycle Consumer News’ September 2017 issue, in a feature story about Ultraviolet Protection Factor testing and Accelerated UV Testing of motorcycle gear. The story compared BMW’s DownTown jacket to Aerostich’s Cousin Jeremy jacket in terms of UPF rating (both achieved 50) using the SPF290AS UV Transmittance Analyzer. Then a comparison studied fading over time, by using a 16S-Series Solar Simulator simulating 32 months under the noontime desert sun to compare the two. The study concluded that even lightweight Mesh jackets can achieve UPF Ratings of 25, or very good, and that both the BMW and Aerostich jackets performed superbly in the fade test. A copy of the article can be downloaded here



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