Solar Research Brings More Than Lotions and Medicines To Your Doorstep

When a lot of people think of Solar Light’s products and photovoltaic research in general, one of the first things that come to mind is probably “sunscreen,” and it’s true, photovoltaic researchers do research that.  In fact, they also research cosmetics and lotions to make sure they don’t increase sensitivity to solar radiation as well.  However, these things are just the start of what solar researchers have helped develop.

Here are some examples of household items developed in conjunction with solar researchers:

Combination Hybrid Solar Boilers

These days, there are boilers being installed into commercial and residential structures that use a combination of traditional hot water cylinder systems with solar-cell/panel powered heating zones.  The three heating zones flow together into a “combi-boiler” that keeps water piping hot with far less energy expenditure.

These combi-boilers still suffer from their fair share of setbacks and limitations.  However, the burden falls to solar researchers with the support of such companies as Solar Light to develop these products into appliances that rival gas/oil-powered boilers.

Portable Solar Power Sources

Also known as “E-Power Cubes,” these devices are an up-and-coming trend in America.  These convenient items can be expensive, often sporting MSRPs of over $1000, but the power is renewable, and doesn’t require any form of outside charging.

Often, these products include outlets and USB power ports for mobile devices.  Solar researchers have certainly helped to develop these portable powerhouses.  Over the years, these products will become cheaper, more compact and more powerful.

These are just a couple products that are starting to use solar energy as their primary energy source.  Look at them now and see how big and bulky and full of errors they still are.  These things are sure to change in the future, and when it does, know that photovoltaic researchers were behind it.  In fact, just look at the development of cellular technology:  from giant unwieldy phones to the small ones that we have now, along with all of the other mobile technology that has developed in its wake.

Solar hybrid technology is still in its infancy, but believe that research organizations with the support of companies like Solar Light, we will bring it into the next generation—developing new, more useful and practical products for everyday use.

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