Transforming SPF Formulation Screening To Accelerate Time-To-Market

SPF solutions by Solar Light Company, LLC improve productivity for accelerated time-to-market for your sun protection products. Pre-irradiation solar simulators are specifically designed to irradiate substrate plates prior to in vitro SPF analysis. Simultaneous pre-irradiation of multiple substrate plates decreases analysis time and improves capacity. Our Automated SPF Analyzer provides quick, efficient, and accurate UV transmittance analysis by strongly absorbing high SPF/ SPF and cosmetic formulations to reduce development time.

SPF solutions by Solar Light Company, LLC comply with the most current FDA and ISO guidelines. Methods and protocols that integrate our certified reference standards and IQ/OQ procedures achieve repeatable and predictive results. NIST-traceable standards, sensors and spectroradiometers assure performance. Novice to advanced level user training programs ensure operational confidence and cost-effective ROI.

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