Why Test Paper Products for UV Light?

A brand name is the most important part of a label. If the label is blank, then passersby’s won’t know what it is you’re using, reading, or drinking. It’s essential that labels and packages will still bear the brand name no matter where you are or how long the item has been left in the sun.

For all practical purposes, let’s use a bottle of iced tea as our example. There are many different kinds of iced tea and customers can choose whichever brand they like. When they see someone else with a certain brand, that brand will be at the front of their mind and they’re more likely to purchase that brand. If a label fades due to too much exposure to the sun (or other forms of UV light) then that customer may very well purchase a different brand. Although they saw the iced tea, there was no brand to stand out to them.

This can happen with anybody, and any item. It’s bad business. No business owner wants their brand name to suffer because of poorly designed labels that can’t last in the sun. Imagine if a newspaper’s ink faded after a certain amount of exposure to the sun. You’d be sitting outside reading a blank paper soon enough.

At Solar Light Company, we can test labels, packages, and other paper products in our accelerated UV testing machine. With minimal UV inhibitor used in the ink, this could cause a label—and brand name—to fade prematurely. Utilizing the services of Solar Light’s ultraviolet testing, customers can elect to test their paper products for fade resistance and see how long it will take for products exposed to UV light to fade. We can test up to 15 years, so companies can be sure their brand name is noticeable on one individual product for over a decade.

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