Measurement of biologically effective ultraviolet radiation from sunlight and from artificial sources with wavelengths above 280 nm.
  Plant, marine, climatological ozone or other biological impact studies that require continuous field measurements over long periods of time.
  Correction of spectroradiometric measurement errors cause by the variations of irradiance during the scan.
  Sunburning time measurements for media and research organizations that provide public information about the effects of UV solar radiation.



digital (UV signal and sensor temperature).

Data acquisition:

dedicated computerized data logger with liquid crystal display, keypad, serial communication port and parallel printer port; accommodates 2 detectors simultaneously; optional analog output.

Dose period:

selectable from 1 minute to 1 hour.

Internal memory:

stores up to six months of 1 hour dose integrals and sensor temperature from two detectors in a nonvolatile memory.

Data integrity:

nonvolatile memory; internal rechargeable power backup for the recording circuitry; automatic temperature compensation corrects data if ambient temperature exceeds specifications or AC power is lost.


compatible with any computer and modem equipped with an RS232 serial port; menu organized remote setup and data retrieval; user selectable baud rate from 300 to 9600 bps.

Power source:

universal 90-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz or 12 VDC.

The model 501 is a complete plug-and-play system including the detector for outdoor use, computerized controller/data logger, and connecting cables. It is easy to install and use. 


Specifications: UV Biometer Model 501

Spectral range:

280-400 nm, per Erythema Action Spectrum

Measurement range:

0 to 10 MED/Hr (Minimal Erythemal Dose per Hour)

Angular response:

within 5% from ideal cosine for incident angles

Response time:

1 second (0.1 second on demand)

Temperature correction:

1% per °C


>1 (Radiation Amplification Factor calculated for 30 deg solar zenith angle and 0.27 cm ozone column)

Operating temperature:

-40 to +50 °C ambient

Operating environment:

outdoors or underwater (max. depth 15 feet or 5 meters)


2 lbs (0.9 kg) without cable


5.5" H x 5.9" Diam. (14 x 15 cm)


with hermetic connector at detector end; 50 ft standard length, up to 200 ft. can be ordered; approx. weight 0.1 lbs per ft


3 leveling legs locked in a quick release base; circular level mounted on the detector

Analog Detector
UV Signal Output:

0-2.5V, 0.250[V/(MED/hr)], 0.5mA max

Sensor Temperature output:

0-1V, 1V=25°C, sensitivity 20mV/°C, 0.5mA max

Power Requirements:

5.5-25V/5mA max for signal circuit. 11-15V/1A max for temperature stabilization

Recorder of Model 501
Temperature range:

0 to +50C

Operating environment:

indoors, no water condensation

• UVB BIOMETER MODEL 501 RADIOMETER Meters_Model-501-.pdf


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Also available with a suntracking attachment, Model 505
501-RD UV Biometer Recorder
501DAC-1 PC Board to convert Digital to Analog output, 2 channel
Additional Cable
Included Accessories
Required Accessories

1 year Standard Warranty

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