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Light Meter

radiometerBy using the concept of 1 meter and several sensors and detectors, each of the Solar Light PMA2100 and 2200 Radiometers can be a photometer, a pyranometer or a UV meter simply by changing the sensors! The Photometer combination measures the intensity of energy in the visible spectrum, between 400nm and 700nm, while the UV combination will measure the intensity of energy in the UV spectrum. This ranges from 254nm to 280nm for the UVC, 280-320nm for UVB and 320-400nm for the UVA intensities. To measure the IR intensity, we use a pyranometer, and the combination becomes a thermopile device, which is able to measure the intensity from the full solar spectrum.

In addition Solar Light also manufactures specialty meters, such as the SL-3101 Scotopic/Photopic meter with on board calculations for Perceived Brightness, Visual Effectiveness and the S/P Ratio. This data is used by lighting engineers and designers to specify optimum levels of lighting in various human environments. Also there are safety meters, Model 6D, for detecting hazardous UV in the workplace, conveniently reading out the actual safe time to be exposed to the prevailing radiation in accordance with ACGIH recommendations. The UV Minder (Model 3D) is a small handheld meter with integral UVA and Erythema sensors to measure the UV from sunlight or simulators.

The Erythema sensor reads in MED/Hr, and the UVA sensor in mW/Cm2. We also have a sensitive version on the 3D meter, the 3D-XP Xeroderma meter, which has more sensitive sensors to measure low levels of UV to 3 decimal places, and is used by people who suffer from Xeroderma.