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Solar Sensors

UV, UVC, UVB Sensors

ultraviolet sensorSolar Light has a wide range of sensors and detectors to measure discrete bands of the electromagnetic spectrum from Ultraviolet – the UV part being separated into UVC through UVB, UVA – to Visible light and Infra Red regions. Some are narrow band; some are broad band, depending on the application required.

Ultraviolet Sensors

Also UVA can be combined with UVB in a single sensor to produce a solar UV sensor, and UVA, UVB and UVC are combined in our safety sensors, following the ACGIH safety recommendations, to provide a total UV sensor. The use of Ultraviolet sources, especially UVC, for sterilization and germicidal applications is a fast growing area, and Solar Light offers a range of sensors to address these. Ultraviolet radiation is also used in sun tanning applications and research, and Solar Light has a range of sensors to measure the full solar Ultraviolet radiation and also the biologically weighted spectra, such as the erythema and CIE action spectra.

Visible Light Sensors

Beyond UV, the visible light sensors are able to detect the entire visible light spectrum, and the user can choose to measure the photopic or scotopic energy. This is especially useful because the sensing takes into account the response of the human eye to light. If a light source is too bright, the iris of the eye contracts and reduces the amount of light entering the eye. If a light source is too dim, the iris expands allowing more light to enter the eye. This enables lighting engineers and designers to specify the most appropriate, optimum light level for human comfort and function. It also means that excess light for the purpose is eliminated, thus saving huge amounts of energy. Beyond the visible light spectrum is the Infra Red region, which Solar Light is able to measure using their pyranometers. These devices work on a thermopile principle. With Solar Light, the user can choose from over 135 different sensors to measure discrete radiation bands, whether it is UVC, UVB, UVA, Visible of Infra Red, or a combination of any and all of these.

Currently Displaying 1 - 20 of 35 Items