New Information Regarding the 16S Series Solar Simulators

Solar Light recently introduced the 16S Series Solar Simulators on their website. This series of solar simulators is versatile and also offers a low cost, which is beneficial for users searching for an affordable simulator that can produce high quality testing. The simulators come with a choice of 1cm diameter to 7.5cm diameter output sizes, depending on the application. The 16S Series Simulators function like the larger LS1000 models, meaning they have a choice of spectral outputs and a choice of 150 Watt or 300 Watt Xenon outputs. The spectral outputs depend on the applications.

The 16S Series Simulators include such typical applications as: PV Cell Testing, Materials Testing, SPF Testing, Photo-allergy Testing, Pre-irradiation and Photobiology. People interested in the 16S Series Solar Simulator can find out more information by visiting

A product description of the 16S Simulator, along with many other products, has been added to the Solar Light LinkedIn products page, which can be viewed here: Those who are interested in connecting with Solar Light through LinkedIn can feel free to connect with them today for the latest information surrounding the company and our products.

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