Solar Light PMA Radiometers

How annoying is it when you have all your radiometers and photometers stored away, and when you come to use one of them for a study, you can’t find the sensor that goes with the specific meter?!

Solar Light Company’s PMA 2100 and 2200 radiometers allow you to mix and match any of over 135 PMA sensors with any PMA meter – just plug in and go!

They are able to do this because of unique, patented intelligence which is carried in each sensor. It contains calibration and offset data which it communicates with the meter when connected, guaranteeing accuracy of readings and making your job so much easier and faster. In addition, all Solar Light PMA meters and sensors are research grade products, calibrated to NIST traceable standards and provided with a certificate which is valid for one year. You can be confident that the results you report for your research are accurate and true.

With such a wide range of sensors available, which plug directly in to any of our PMA meters, it is easy to measure radiation from 250nm up to 2,800nm in discrete bandpass intervals. If we don’t have a standard sensor for your particular range, we’ll make you a special one.

The meters are battery powered, hand held units which allow you to take readings oudoors, and offer up to 40 hours of use. Alternatively you can use them in the laboratory, connected to the main power supply, indefinitely.

Take the frustration out of your radiometry needs and switch to Solar Light’s PMA system.

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