Understanding the Uses of Germicidal UVC Radiation Sensors

As the population continues to increase at an alarming rate, we are producing masses of waste during our daily routines, which has to be removed and safely disposed of. Just as water is vital for our survival, it is also essential to support every living organism on earth! Some of these organisms are dangerous to our health, so we must make sure that our waste water is treated in a way that renders these pathogens harmless.

At Solar Light Company, we offer our clients high performing and extremely accurate UV lamp monitors. Our lamps are set to monitor the amount of ultraviolet radiation in a water disinfectant tank. The germicidal lamps and sensors will destroy any bacteria and disease causing pathogens in the water, so it can be consumed by the masses.

We monitor UVC radiation to prevent the organisms from growing in our waste during its disposal. This is effective because it does not result in the production of any secondary pollutants that then need to be disposed of. The radiation comes from powerful lamps that emit the germicidal UVC wavelengths, and the resultant effluent is biologically safe and can be disposed of once any inorganic pollutants have been removed. Lamp monitors ensure that the necessary amount of radiation is being delivered to the waste in order to make it safe.

Our products provide customers with a technology that allows them to filter the bacteria out of the water so health hazards are cut back. This benefits both the individuals who drink the water, as well as the fish and creatures that live in the water. We offer underwater sensors, disinfection sensors, customized OEMs, and lamps that will sense UV in the air. They are safe to operate, long lasting, and cost effective.

To help make sure the water in your plant is filtered without viruses floating around, our lamps and sensors will provide you with all the information you need to know.

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