Why Use Our Indoor Weathering Laboratory?

So it’s been a short amount of time after you’ve finished painting the walls of your home. It was a lengthy ordeal and the bright colors of the new wall looked spectacular. After a while, you started to see the bright color it once was start to darken and fade. You might be wondering why. Without the use of blinds or curtains to slow and alter ultraviolet light—the light from the sun—your paint coat is experiencing deterioration from the sun.

Not many people take the sun into consideration when painting the walls of their house. Really, how often is it that you think, “Maybe this particular paint coat won’t last long due to the sun coming through the window.” It’s something we overlook until we experience the premature peeling and fading of our paint coat.

Here at Solar Light Company, we provide accelerated ultraviolet radiation testing for your paint and coating exposure. This way, before you start your next painting project inside your home, you’ll know how the coat will react to years of sunlight exposure. We irradiate your samples with our solar simulators and expose the products to the wide spectrum of natural sunlight.  With highly accurate results, this is the simplest way for you to determine if the paint you selected will stay intact, without chipping, peeling, changing color, or fading, after years of UV exposure.

If your home is not largely affected by sunlight and you are still seeing paint fading on your walls, this may be due to light sources in your home, specifically fluorescent or incandescent lighting. When you start to see the fabric of your furniture fading due to its position by the window or in relation to the fluorescent light bulbs, we’ll test your fabric sample also.

We know remodeling the walls or choosing furniture is a big step into a healthy and comfortable home environment. We offer these services to help you make the best decision in your paint—color and coat—as well as the furniture you select. It’s a big investment, and we’d hate to see you unhappy after the fabric fades on you. Our solar simulators can give you a measurement of how your paint and fabric will appear after up to 15 years so you can look forward to its longevity.

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