The model 601 Multiport® Solar Simulator precisely reproduces the solar ultraviolet spectrum while eliminating the visible and infrared light. This results in UV levels 15-20 times stronger than tropical sun without the thermal portion. Its 6 independently adjustable outputs allow for 6 tests to be conducted simultaneously, greatly reducing testing time.


Validated to the International Sun Protection Factor Test Method Standard 2003

Internal igniter:

Igniter is used to ignite the xenon arc lamp

Lamp housing:

Six liquid light guides each 19.7" (50cm) long

Adjustable stand:

allowing 20" (50cm) vertical adjustment

Articulating arm:

for holding Liquid Light Guides firmly in position during tests

Complete high performance optics and homogenizer:

for collimation and uniformity

Output selection switch:

to choose between UV-A only and UV-A + UV-B spectrum.
SPF Testing spectrum



FDA Final Rule Guidance for Industry

Objective determination of Fitzpatrick skin type
Dose Control System
The Dose Control System is an integral part of conducting precision sunlight exposure testing. The Dose Control System allows the monitoring and controlling of the output of the 16S-002. It accumulates the amount of light being outputted and alerts you when your preset dose has been reached. This features allows you to expose a precise amount of light to the solar cell.
Dose Controller/Meter DCS 2.0
SPF and UVA Sunscreen Standards
Included Accessories
XPS Power supply
Xenon Lamp
Required Accessories

1 year Standard Warranty

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